Our Team

Rainier Clinical Research Center, was established over 25 years ago and is still owned and operated by its original founders. Our physicians have extensive research experience and training and hold faculty positions at the University of Washington Medical School. We understand research and know how to make sure it is done right with experienced staff and a professional, caring environment for our patients.

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Management Staff

Eric Hayashi

MBA, President & CEO

Ronald Brazg


Leslie Klaff

MD, Ph.D, F.R.C.P., F.A.C.E.

Kristen Hughes

BS, Manager of Clinical Operations

Teresa Mori

BA, Executive Director

Clinic Staff

Lisa Aaker

RDN, CD, Clinical Research Coordinator

Theresia Atabong

BS, Clinical Research Assistant

Krista Baer

BS, Clinical Research Coordinator

Dale Duke

Laboratory Technician

Alla Filip

Laboratory Technician

Sarah Holtz

BS, Clinical Research Assistant

Sarah Kent

MS, Clinical Research Coordinator

Pamela Martin

BS, Clinical Research Coordinator

Javier Nazar

MD, Clinical Research Coordinator

Yeshi Taye

BS, Clinical Research Coordinator

Patient Recruitment Staff

Jeffrey Klaff

BA, Marketing and Recruitment Manager

John McKenney

BA, Recruitment Coordinator

Administrative Staff

Liane Buck


Kirsten Noble

BS, Administrator

Amy Waldow

BS, Office Assistant