We are Seeking Male Volunteers Who Are Overweight or Obese to Participate in a Weight Loss Study.


Please read the full study description to see if you qualify.

We are currently seeking (NOW, ONLY MALE) volunteers to participate in a study of an investigational medication for weight loss.  (The medication works as an appetite suppressant. Once a week, participants will inject the medication into their thigh, or abdomen by themselves. Qualified participants will be divided into one of two different groups: 80% of all participants will begin taking the investigational medication, by injection once a week. The other 20% of all participants will begin taking a placebo injection once a week.

All participants:

  • Will receive dietary counseling and physical activity counseling from a registered dietician.
  • Must be willing to maintain a semi-daily food and exercise diary (3-day food/exercise diary, to be completed between in-clinic visits) and will be encouraged to commit to some form of physical activity and reduced calorie diet during the study.
  • Have questionnaires evaluating patient status (mental & physical) at several visits.



  • Participants must be Male.  All required female volunteers have been enrolled, nationwide.
  • Participants must have a BMI between 30 – 50, OR have a BMI between 27 – 29.99 and meet other qualifications. Check your BMI by CLICKING HERE.
  • Participants must be well motivated to participate in this study, be willing to follow dietary restrictions and exercise plans, and be willing to perform all other requirements of study.