Type 2 Diabetes Study Seeks Volunteers taking both Basal and Bolus insulin. Participants can also be on other Diabetes Medications.

We are currently seeking volunteers who are diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes and who are treating with a Basal/Bolus insulin regimen. (Participants can also be treating with up to 3 other oral diabetes medications. They can also be taking injectable GLP-1 medications and qualify. Medications need to be stable for 90 days.)

Qualifying Insulins:

  • Basal insulin: Lantus or Basaglar (Glargine)
  • Bolus insulin: Humalog (Lispro), Novolog (Aspart), or Apidra (Glulisine).


With or without up to 3 of the following:

  • Metformin
  • Januvia, Onglyza, Tradjenta, or Nesina. (DPP-4’s)
  • Farxiga, Invokana, or Jardiance. (SGLT2’s)
  • Rybelsus (Oral GLP-1)


Participants may also be currently taking injectable GLP-1s:

  • Byetta, Bydureon, Victoza, Tanzeum, Trulicity, or Ozempic.


This is a study of an investigational injectable meal-time insulin that may help to better regulate blood sugar levels through the use of a Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM) System.  All participants will continue or start taking Basaglar insulin (glargine-U100). All participants will also start taking the investigational meal-time insulin 3 times a day (before breakfast, lunch, and dinner). Participants may continue the use of their current stable OAMs or injectable GLP-1s throughout the study.

Please contact us for further details by filling out this volunteer form below or calling us at 1-888-478-8343.