Type 2 Diabetes Study Seeks Volunteers Taking Metformin, With or Without Other Oral Diabetes Medications.


We are currently seeking volunteers who are diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes and taking Metformin or Metformin in combination with other oral diabetes medications. This is a study of an investigational medication that may help to lower blood sugar levels. All participants will remain on their Metformin and washout of their current diabetes medications. Sixty percent of the participants will add the investigational medication to their therapy, twenty percent of the participants will add Januvia (FDA Approved), and twenty percent of the participants will add a placebo.  Participants must be willing to complete two extended stays at our clinic: The first stay is four consecutive days, including three overnights. The second stay is three consecutive days, including two overnights. Please contact us for further details by filling out this volunteer form below or calling us at 1-888-478-8343.