Type 2 Diabetes Study – Volunteers who are treating their diabetes with Basal Insulin (NO meal time insulin), with or without oral diabetes medication(s).

We are currently seeking volunteers who are diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes and treating with Basal Insulin (Lantus [Glargine], Levemir [Detemir], Tresiba [Degludec], Toujeo [Glargine], or Basaglar [Glargine]). Volunteers can additionally be taking up to 3 oral diabetes medications. Volunteers CANNOT be taking any meal-time or bolus insulin. This study is comparing an investigational once-weekly basal insulin to Tresiba insulin. (Tresiba is already FDA approved.) Two-thirds of all participants will switch their basal insulin to the investigational once-weekly insulin. One third of all participants will switch to taking Tresiba insulin daily. Participants will continue taking any oral diabetes medications they are currently on. Participants will wear a Dexcom G6 continuous glucose monitor. While using this device, participants will be able to see their blood glucose results be monitored on a continuous basis.