Hypothyroidism Study – Seeking volunteers diagnosed with Hypothyroidism who are treating with a stable dose of Levoxyl, Synthroid, or Levothyroxine.

We are currently seeking volunteers who are diagnosed with thyroid problems and on stable treatment with Levoxyl, Synthroid, or Levothyroxine. This study is comparing the effectiveness of Armour Thyroid to Levothyroxine (synthetic T4 therapy).  Participants will be randomized into one of two different groups, 50% will continue taking their current dose of Levothyroxine, and 50% will switch to a matching dose of Armour Thyroid. Participants (on Armour Thyroid) will have their doses properly titrated by the study physician to bring levels into the normal reference range. Participants on Levothyroxine will continue taking their current dose.